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Over the Wire’s Bandit Challenge – Level 6


Level 6 – bandit – overthewire

Level Instructions:

“The password for the next level is stored somewhere on the server and has all of the following properties:

owned by user bandit7
owned by group bandit6
33 bytes in size”

bandit6@bandit:~$ find / -user bandit7 -group bandit6 -size 33c 2>/dev/null
bandit6@bandit:~$ cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/bandit7.password

Again, using the powerful find command, we can specify the owner, group, and file size of a particular file.  The “2>/dev/null” appended to the end of the command filters and forwards all erroneous returns to /dev/null which can essentially be considered ‘to nowhere’.

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