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CentOS Router Configuration for a Web Server

I wanted to follow up a previous post, where I described the process of configuring a CentOS router for the intention of creating a separate, internal LAN. There we simply deployed a router to separate an external WAN from our LAN and configured the router to pass along all traffic between the two interfaces.

This time I wanted to deploy a router for the purpose of serving content from an internal web server, to an external LAN or WAN.

While this is something that I used recently for a local hackathon, I believe it has greater “real world” application, and can be modified only slightly to accommodate the deployment of other services or applications.

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CentOS Router: Configuration in Vmware

In preparation for an upcoming hackathon, I began working with CentOS as a means to route traffic between two VMware machines: a ParrotOS machine, and a Metasploitable2 machine – both configured on different subnets.

For this tutorial I used the following:

  • VMware Workstation 15
  • ParrotOS
  • Metasploitable2
  • CentOS (Minimal Installation)

CentOS Router Configuration

First, let’s configure the CentOS router to forward traffic between the ParrotOS machine (residing on network and the Metasploitable2 machine (residing on network

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